A Father Is More Than
A Hundred Schoolmasters.

The Heart Of Father Is
The Masterpiece Of Nature.

I Amy Find My Prince But
My Dad Will Always Be My King.

Some Super Heroes Don’T Have Caps,
They Are Called Dad.

He Didn’t Tell Me How To Live,
He Lived And Let Me Watch Him Do It.

Wishing You World Of Happiness.
Not Just On Father’S Day. But Always.

Dad, Wherever You Are, You Are Gone
But You Will Never Be Forgotten.

A Father Is A Man Who Expects His
Children To Be As Good As He Meant To Be.

Dad, With You Being Around, I Escape All
The Bumps And Move On Smooth Grounds.

Dad I Know You’ve Loved Me As Long As
I’ve Lived. But I’ve Loved You My Whole Life.

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